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The world of Binary Options is complex and ever-changing with so many different brokers that it’s often a very difficult task to decide on which of the U.S. Binary Options Brokers are the best. While many sites may offer a list of Binary Options Brokers that allow trading from the USA, you’ll find that at best all they do is compile a list of US Options Brokers, while not bothering to even check them out.

If you are new to binary options trading in the U.S., those types of lists may lead you to finding U.S. Binary Options Brokers, but will do nothing to help you find the best U.S. Binary Options brokers, thus leaving you the work of weeding through the trusted brokers and finding the best ones.



How our site is different

Our site is different, in that not only do we provide you with an ever-growing list of Binary Options Brokers in the USA, but we also test and review each broker to be sure to only list the top brokers who offer the best services for their traders with a history of satisfied U.S. Binary Options traders.

Our reviews are extremely informative and helpful in narrowing down the best possible U.S. Binary Options broker by providing detailed analysis of the services offered. You can rest assured that we only list the best Binary Options Brokers in the U.S. after extensive testing and review.

Education and Strategies

Not only are we dedicated to providing you with the top Binary Options Brokers in the U.S.A., but also in educating you as to what to look for in a U.S. Binary Options Broker so that you will be able to understand more completely what makes one U.S. Binary Options Broker better than another.

We are devoted to providing our users with the best strategies for keeping abreast of U.S. Binary Options trading, and not only finding the best U.S. Binary Options Broker, but finding the best way to get a return for your money in this fast paced market.

The Best Binary Brokers Serving the USA

Since there really is no Binary Options Broker operating within the USA, other than Nadex, we provide our traders with those Binary Options Brokers that serve the US, many of them regulated in the countries where they are operating out of. There are literally hundreds of Binary Options Brokers out there, and many of them are fine Binary Options Brokers (though quite a few are not), so narrowing down a list of a few brokers is a daunting task.

We have diligently gone through hundreds of brokers, tested and reviewed their offerings, checked with actual traders and finally were able to come up with a (comparatively) short list of brokers that we feel are simply the best of the best. Our experts have years of experience in Binary Options trading and a complete understanding of Binary Options Brokers in the U.S. and we are confident you will find this list one of the best resources on the internet for finding and dealing with Binary Options Brokers in the USA.

Bloombex Options – USA Traders are accepted 

Bloombex Options was founded in Germany in 2010 and is not quite as well-known as many other Binary Options traders offering services within the US. However, Bloombex Options is very competitive and has a high track record of being very reliable. Bloombex Options offers US Binary Option traders excellent Customer support and the latest trading tools, such as Options Builder, Pairs Trading, Ladder, Double Up and Roll-over features. The minimum deposit is $500 and minimum trade size is $10. Accounts can be opened in US Dollars as well as Euros, British Pounds and Australian Dollars.

Payouts can range from 83% (intraday) to up to 1000% (Ladder). Bloombex also offers Binary Options Traders in the USA refunds on losing trades that may be as high as 10%.

Bloombex Options uses Thomson Reuters for its market data is currently offering over 100 trading assets. All trading offered on Bloombex Options is on a no commission’s basis as the company profits from the payout differentials.

Bloombex Options also offers its US traders generous deposit bonuses as well as free daily market analysis and free trading signals. New traders in the USA will find Bloombex Options to be one of the best Binary Options Traders available due to its tools and many different Options for trading.

While is not officially regulated within the EU, it is still in complete compliance with basic business regulations governed by all German businesses. In order to offer such a great range of options and accept clients from the USA, the company has had to stay free from the tight EU regulations. It is however a very reliable Binary Options Broker for US traders and one of the most US client friendly sites on this list.

Boss capital – Accepts USA Traders

Boss Capital is a very new Binary Options Broker offering services to US traders, but it has become quite popular in the very short time it has been operating. Boss Capital was founded in 2014 in Gibraltar and maintains almost 30 satellite across the globe.

At this time Boss Capital is offering five different types of accounts for US traders to choose from. Every account features daily and weekly market reviews as well as an awesome walk through video and a free eBook that explains Binary Options to new traders from the USA.

The Standard Account offers a 30% bonus upon sign up with a minimum deposit of only $200.

The Executive Account offers a 40% bonus with a minimum deposit of $1000.

The Gold Account has a minimum deposit of $5,000 and offers up to a 50% bonus. This account offers an 85% profit on winning Forex trades as well. The Gold account also includes 3 strategy lessons to USA traders as well as 3 Risk-Free trades and membership into the Boss Capital Trading Academy, which helps USA investors understand the ins and outs of Binary Options Trading.

Experience traders in the USA might be interested in the Platinum Package. This package requires a minimum initial deposit of $10,000 and offers its US traders an 86% profit as well as all of the bells and whistles of the Gold Account. This package also provides its US traders with a dedicated account manager, available 24/7 and private consultations with senior market analysts.

The VIP account offers all of the features of the Platinum Package and requires a minimum of $50,000 deposit. This account is, of course, the top of the line and is offered only for the most serious investors who require special attention. Of course, the VIP account holders are treated as top priority executive account holders and have access to the best analysts and tools 24/7 with all the bells and whistles an exclusive membership would expect.

Boss Capital offers almost 200 assets to for its US Binary Options traders which includes foreign currencies, commodities, equities and indices.

Boss Capitals Trading Academy provides an exceptional array of educational training tools to increase Binary Options Traders knowledge in order to help them succeed in Binary Options. This consists of an advanced eBook on binary options, several top-notch videos, numerous webinars and market reviews updated daily, weekly, and monthly.

The support team is excellent, available 24/7 to all account holders from the basic package to the VIP, which web chat and telephone support.

Porter Finance

Porter Finance is another new comer offering US Binary Options Trading. Porter Finance was established in 2014 in London England. Porter is not yet regulated by CySEC, but has shown itself to be an extremely conscientious broker and has already established itself to be a major player in the US Binary Options market.

Porter Finance uses the latest SpotOption trading platform, which is currently providing Binary Options Traders in the US with 59 tradable assets, including foreign exchange currencies, stocks, commodities and indices and offers a maximum payout percentage of 83%.

Porter Finance requires a minimum deposit of only $200 and transactions can be made using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover as well as wire transfers directly from a bank or an online wallet such as Skrill or Cash U. Porter Options is currently offering its US Binary Options traders up to 200% in bonus incentives.

The SpotOption trading platform offers USA Binary Options investors several types of features including 60 second, long term, one-touch trading and ladder options. One of the most outstanding features offer by Porter Finance is its “follow” feature which allows US Binary Options traders to follow other traders and automatically copy their trades.

The customer support team at Porter Finance is absolutely one of the best support teams we have seen. They are available 24/7 and offers email, phone and live-chat support. They are extremely profession and service oriented offering all levels of service to US Binary Options traders regardless of what level they are at, from newbies on up to the most experienced traders.

Another great feature of Porter Finance is its dedication to teaching US Binary Options Traders the best strategies for trading, with its education academy which caters to all traders regardless of their level of expertise. Its mission is to keep investors up to date on all the latest trends and provides its users with a very wide range of online video tutorials and live webinars.

With its user-friendly interface, excellent customer support and wide range of tools to help its US Binary Options Traders get the most bang for their buck, Porter Finance is positioned to become one of the top Binary Options Brokers in the world.

Redwood Options

Redwood options was established in 2012 in London England and offers all of the latest Binary trading instruments to US Binary Options traders, with trading on over 60 assets.

Redwood Options has a $200 minimum deposit and one of the smallest minimum trade sizes we have seen of only $5. Deposits and withdraws can be carried out using all major credit cards as well as bank wire transfers.

One outstanding feature of Redwood Options is its free Trading Academy Program, which includes free webinars as well as a free trading guide for new US Binary Options traders. Of all the training programs we have seen, this is one of the best as it does actually teach new (and even experienced) US Binary Options traders how to make good trading decisions as well as how to manage their accounts. The webinars are top notch, with many insider Binary Options trading tips and tricks that are actually geared toward making US Binary Options traders successful in their trading endeavors.

Redwood Options uses the SpotOption platform, which is one of the best platforms out there and offered by many other great Binary Options Brokers in this industry. The platform is easy to use and very intuitive and Redwood Options provides detailed (and even fun) videos and guides to how to use all of the features. Through some of the Webinars offered by Redwood Options, US Binary Options Traders will learn how to use the SpotOption platform in very complex and exciting ways.

While Redwood Options is still fairly new in the US Binary Options market, it has already become a major competition in this market due to its great global reputation for compliance with basic regulations as well as its top notch customer support. It is really geared toward helping its US Binary Options traders to be successful.

According to its founders, Redwood Options was established by professionals seeking to take advantage of mistakes made by other Binary Options Brokers offering their services in the US. Their main objective is not simply to make a quick dollar, but they are focused on helping US Binary Options Traders to learn and understand the Binary Options market so that they can get the most out of their trading endeavors.

Redwood options is focused on long term profitability, stable margins and above all satisfied clients in the US and abroad.

We would have to say that Redwood Options is one of the best choices for beginner Binary Option Traders in the US. They are honest and extremely transparent. They have an excellent training academy and their aim is building a profitable client base for both the company and the clients.

Magnum Options

Magnum Options was established in 2013 in the United Kingdom. Even though they have only been in a business for a couple of years, they have a proven track record and are set to be one of the most competitive Binary Options Brokers available to US traders.

Magnum Options offers 59 different types of underlying assets to choose from, including 21 different types of Stocks, 6 types of Commodities, 13 types of Forex pairs and 19 types of Indices. They offer their US Binary Options traders Classic Binary options, One touch Options, Option Builder, 60 Second options and Options Pro.

Magnum Options, like many of the best Binary Options Brokers for USA traders, uses the SpotOption platform engine. This platform is popular among US Binary Options traders due to its ease of use, especially among new Binary Options Traders. With very little learning, Binary Options Traders in the US will find Magnum Options platform very easy to navigate. The platform is also known for its accuracy and stability among the industry leaders.

Magnum Options offer several different packages to its US Binary Options traders, including the Mini, Executive, Mini-Gold, Gold and Platinum packages.

Magnum Options also offers a demo account for its US Binary Options Traders. This is a very useful feature, especially for new traders who wish to familiarize themselves with the platform and Binary Options in general. This works just the same as a regular account (minus the real payouts of course) and comes preloaded with a $50,000 virtual balance.

The company behind GOptions is Longmont Ltd. This company was established in 2009 and is registered in England and Wales. The actual Binary Options Broker site Goptions was established in 2012.

While GOptions provides all the necessary information for US Binary Options traders including helpful tutorials and such, one of the key points of Goptions is the innovative use of Signal Index, a marketplace for Binary Options signal providers.

Once a US Binary Options Trader funds a GOptions account they have immediate access to Signal Index, where they will discover many different signal providers, along with their track record. The US Binary Options Trader can then choose a signal provider and the trades will be automatically copied and executed on the trader’s account according to the signal providers trades. This will help to eliminate any missed trades due to poor communication (such as email or other classic forms of transmitting signals). This is quite new to the Binary Options trading industry and may prove to be one of the most valuable assets of US Binary Options Brokers in the future.

GOptions uses the SpotOption platform which, as mentioned above in our other reviews, is known for its used by many of the best Binary Options brokers in the industry due to its ease of use and unparalleled functionality. In other words, the rookie will find it easy enough to just pick up and use, while the experienced trader will find enough advanced features to satisfy the need for a more complex trading style.

GOptions offers 5 different types of trading accounts, each with specific features and benefits. Micro, Mini, Standard, Gold and VIP Platinum.

GOptions provides its US Binary Options traders with several great educational resources which includes a good FAQ that answers most common questions, a great interactive BLOG which can help even the most novice US Binary Options Trader to understand options and trading techniques. They also provide some very helpful charts which are quite unique and a great resource we have not seen offered on most other sites.

Rollover is available if you want to stay in your trade past its original expiry period and potentially earn more money. Early closure is also offered if you want to get out of a trade early to cut your losses (or avoid incurring a loss).

All in all, we have found GOptions to be quite helpful in their support of US Binary Options clients, with great customer support and a fairly decent educational system via the blog and the numerous helpful charts.

In Conclusion

There are literally hundreds of Binary Options Brokers offering accounts for US clients, with many of them claiming to be the best. Of course, they cannot all be “the best”, which is why we have taken the time and effort to review these brokers to find the best ones and to provide our US Binary Options traders and those interested in entering the market a good heads up on the ones we find to be top performers in an ever changing, ever growing market.

As you can see by these reviews, we have not simply provided a list of brokers, but we have done extensive research on each of these Binary Options Brokers offering accounts for US based clients, having opened accounts and used these brokers ourselves before writing our reviews. The one commonality of all of these US Binary Options Brokers is that they must have great customer service and they must be willing to walk new users (as well as experienced users) through the many ins and outs of Binary Options trading.

We believe you will find this list an invaluable asset and welcome your own insights into these top-notch brokers. We will continue to research and review Binary Options Brokers for US traders and will update our site as necessary, so keep checking back here before you decide on a US Binary Options Broker, so you can be sure to get the best information available on the internet.

Thank you for perusing this site and we wish you a happy and successful trading career in US Binary Options!