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Entrepreneurial News - Includes recent news posts relating to starting businesses, business innovation, small business, starting businesses, and famous entrepreneurs.

  • Leadership Tips from Fast Company - Fast Company came up with 25 tips for good leadership from it's recent RealTime San Diego event. They include:
  • Money Making for Young People - For something different this story focuses on young people and the things they can do to make a bit of money for themselves.
  • Wireless Networking For Your Small Business - The new technology in linking computers and various other devices in the office together to share information are wireless networks.
  • Advertising the Unusual Way - The old idea's of mass marketing are coming to an end, with people often ignoring large events whether due to lack of interest or our busy lifestyles always demanding more time to accomplish our goals.
  • Mark Cuban's Entrepreneurial Tips - Internet entrepreneur and owner of the NBA basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks' Mark Cuban recently spoke about being an entrepreneur. Cuban suggests to focus on your strengths while being aware of your weaknesses.
  • Don't Get Rich Quick on eBay - eBay is a hugely popular marketplace for selling your wares, and it didn't take long for eBay businesses to startup.
  • Business startup Myths - Starting a business is hard enough without hearing myths about new business failure percentages and other startup risks. A common myth says that half of businesses fold in the first year and 90% fail within 5 years, but census data and research shows this myth to be very far from the truth.
  • Richard Branson Interview - There's an interesting Richard Branson interview over at virgin.net about the great British entrepreneur. When Branson was asked what advice he would give to budding entrepreneurs he said..
  • Entrepreneurial Tips - There's a good post up at the O'Reilly Radar blog by Marc Hedlund for technology geeks hoping to be entrepreneurs. Marc's "Entrepreneurial Proverbs" are bite sized nuggets of tips and inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Want Your Own Business? - Well have a read of this article and get some idea's on how to make a start. There's not to much to the story but it contains a lot of valuable links to put you on a start to becoming an entrepreneur.

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