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Oil and Energy News - Includes recent news posts relating to the oil industry, energy sources, alternative energies, and fuel for heating and transport news.
Energies news subcategories include - Ethanol Fuel

  • Richard Branson Gives Billions - Richard Branson is a larger than life kind of man, with self promotion skills that are better than most. At a recent "Clinton Global Initiative" meeting in New York, Branson said he would commit $3 billion over the next ten years to solving the energy problems that the world has.
  • Coal and the Economy - Here's another energy news story but about coal and it's importance and the reliance we have on it.
  • Oil Pipeline Crisis - Apparently pipelines used to carry oil in Alaska are getting to the point where they are in serious need of repairs caused by corrosion.
  • $2000 Grant for LPG Conversion - Amid rapidly increasing fuel prices The Australian government have started offering grants of up to $1000 for new vehicles and up to $2000 for existing vehicles to have LPG gas fuel systems fitted.
  • The Future of Hybrid Cars - One of the worlds largest car makers and leader in the hybrid car market Toyota Motor Corp has released plans to make hybrid vehicles that can have it's batteries recharge by a standard power outlet found in the home.
  • Record Oil Prices - With Geopolitical developments making the oil markets jittery, oil has hit a high of $78 a barrel. Among the many challenges for cheaper oil is the worsening Israel and Lebanon fighting. Speculators are fearing that the conflict could spread to other countries in the troubled Middle East region.
  • Oil Prices Rise Again - American oil prices reached a new high of $75.40 a barrel on Wednesday before easing back to $75.19, which is an increase of $1.26 taking the price to 26% higher than it was a year ago.
  • Fuel Prices Affecting Business - Fuel prices are now not only having an effect on how much we drive our cars but also on what products we buy.
  • Texas Offshore Wind Farm Approved - The alternative or green energy sector is growing with a proposal to build the biggest wind farm in the US being approved and will hopefully go ahead with construction in about 4 years time. Environmentilist groups have called for studies to be done on how local wildlife will be affected before construction begins.
  • Tax Cuts & Petrol Prices in Australia - Australia's petrol prices are climbing to AU$1.50 and rising with motorists feeling the added cost each week.
  • Will Ethanol Solve the Oil Problems? - With the price of oil always moving up and America admitting it's addicted to oil, alternative fuels have become a hot topic. Ethanol fuel has become one of the hottest, with millions of dollars being invested in farms across the United States. But is it really as clean and green as some investors are hoping?
  • Predictions in Green Fuels Usage - In 2005 the usage and sale of green fuels more than doubled according to Clean Edge a research and publishing firm.
  • Investors Turn To Clean Energy - Current total investments into the clean energy market are climbing fast, with some markets pushing up to 5% which rivals the 10% total spent in some areas such as oil and pharmaceuticals.
  • Crude Oil Prices Rise - Instability in major oil producing countries like Nigeria and Iraq is unsettling the oil markets, with the price of crude rising for the second day in a row in New York.

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